Category : Beauty

Healthy is beautiful

Unbelievable the comments you get from the people around you: you are too thin, you are too muscular, too fat. What really matters...

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Emergency Plan for the Bride

You have been dreaming about this day since you are a little girl but right now you are super stressed and cannot really enjoy. If...

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What you need to know before having Botox

I have never aimed to make a secret out of it: I have Botox injections twice a year. Here is what you need to know.

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My uplifting Beauty Secret

I definitely don't believe in expensive creams and I wouldn't have anyone mess with my face.

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My anti-aging Secret

Don't expect to read about expensive creams and secret ingredients I mix into my water. If I look younger than my age (maybe I look...

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Sleeping Beauty: Everyone needs 7 hours...

The importance of sleep cannot be valued enough. Your body simply doesn't work as it should if you don't let it rest properly at night.

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