Do you want to challenge yourself? One month of hard training and clean eating? Let’s do it! It’s going to be hard, because it is a pretty strict plan and there are always some friends who feel better if you eat the crab they do. So you’ll better stick around some health oriented people who will support you. And hey, after all it’s just for one month. I bet you will do fine. That is if you are a healthy individual of course. If you have doubts, consult with your doctor and get a thumbs up from your physician before you start the program.

And here is what this 1 month plan is about:

  • Weight Training 3 days a week
  • Running for 50 minutes 3 days a week
  • One Off-Day (just from training, no Cheat-Day sorry)
  • High Protein and Low Fat Diet
  • 5 Meals a Day, 3 main courses and 2 snacks

Make sure you do strong lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Overhead Press and Barbell Rows. Yes, we want to lift heavy. But more important than this – the movement has to be done correctly. Opt for 8-12 repetitions and rest 1-2 minutes between the 3 sets you are doing.

For cardio, I want you to go running. If you are an experienced runner, do interval training. Short, intense sprints, followed by equal or slightly longer recovery times. You may warm up for five minutes, then run two minutes at high speed. You should get out of breath and count the seconds until you can stop. After that, slow down into an easy jog or walk for two to three minutes. You will finish the workout fatigued, but your performance will improve with every training.

Eat lots of chicken and vegetables. Of course all you can drink is water and you have to drink at least 2 litres a day. Unnecessary to say that you are not allowed to have anything which is not on the https://squatgirl.com/en/the-healthy-foods-list/.

After one week you will start noticing the difference in the mirror. Go for it!


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  • Ceylan

    Can we not drink any kind of herbal tea of black coffee during this challenge?
    Thanks *

    • Squatgirl

      hi ceylan. of course you can. just don’t drink too much because it will make you nervous and you won’t sleep at night. cheers!

  • Amanda Kirk

    hi i am starting this monday, can i alternate the meals weekly ? can i use a natural greek yoghurt ? and can u advise any supplements that will help along with it.. i already take 2 fish oil tablets in the morning, l-carnitine pre training and intra though out training. Any advice in the best protein powder that enhances lean muscle.

    ive been training for 3 years, but have had a personal issue lately so getting back into it and would like to shred the 8 kilos i put in over the last 3 months. i want to wear shorts in summer !