Doris HoferThe other day we had Zoe’s little friends over for a playdate. I hadn’t have time to check a training DVD at the office so I asked them if they wanted to watch it together with me. „My mommy is a trainer now!“ said Zoe proudly. „What is a trainer?“ asked Ela. „I show people how they can grow their muscle“, I said. „Let me give you guys an example: See this is the biceps muscle“, I explained while pointing at it. „If you do a push-up like this, you work that muscle.“ Then I asked them if they were ready for the DVD and they cried: YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS.
You should have seen us, it was so much fun. The girls were pretty serious about it. Zoe went upstairs to change into a t-shirt and when she came downstairs, she got upset because she had „missed the best part“!
After I had turned off TV, they decided to skip the rope. I went to the kitchen to eat some salad since I was hungry. It didn’t take long, Ela glid on the chair next to me. „That looks nice!“ she said. „Want to try?“ I asked. She nodded. „Wow, that tastes great!“ she exclaimed. „Of course it does“, I said. „You remember, you asked me what a trainer does?“ I asked. „Well, my job is to show people that sports is lots of fun and healthy food tastes amazing.“ Soon the other girls joined and ploughed their forks into my salad and they asked me how many hamburgers it takes to die and they told me that they know people who eat fastfood only and that they are very fat.
They were so interested in the subject and of course I was more than happy to explain what carbs, proteins and fats are and what role they have in our bodies.
Here is the recipe that may convince your child (and husband) that salad can actually taste great. You can also prepare it and take it to the office for a light healthy lunch.

Here are the ingredients you need:
1 cup Green Lentils
150 gr Lor Cheese
6 dried Apricots (the dark ones, they are natural and taste better)
1 package of Baby Spinach
4 tablespoons Vinigar
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 tablespoon Pomegranate Concentrate (I use the sour one)
Salt and fresh grounded black Pepper for seasoning

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